Kipos minigame ~ That's My Gift!

A cross-platform multiplayer minigame?

Yes, it's a cross-platform game. It means you can play this game on Android, iOS, PC, Mac, ... you only need a device that has a decent HTML5 browser!

Techy-stuff: this is possible because the whole client-side of the game is built with HTML5's canvas and Javascript, which connects to a Node.js server, also written in Javascript. I'm also using a simple game engine created by myself.

And it's a 'minigame' because it is supposed to be the first of a suite of multiplayer minigames for my iOS app called 'Kipos'!
(Free on the App Store!)

How do you play this minigame?

The Goal. You have to be the only survivor of the game. Sounds easy, isn't it?.. No. I actually fainted the first the last time I played. (Albert, vendetta!)

A game can have a minimum of 3 players and a maximum of 6 players. So get ready to grab some friends and play together!
(more players, more fun!)

The game is divided in rounds. In each round, you must choose a gift.

Depending on its content, you will earn 1-5 coins. (Blueberry = 2 coins; Apple = 3 coins; Pear = 5 coins).

When you earn 10 coins at least, they are automatically spent into buying a bomb.

Each bomb deals 3-5 dammage points, and each player has 10 hit points (HP).

And then, the difficult choice. Who of your friends should you betray first? Who is going to betray you?.. Good luck!

Oh, and please, don't try to run the game on slow devices, like a Blackberry Playbook. You will hardly be able to play the game. (In our tests with a Blackberry Playbook, the game ran at 2 FPS. Even an iPhone 3GS is much more poweful than that 'tablet'. Sorry RIM!).

Hint: if there's no one online to play with, you can always open multiple browser windows to at least try it against yourself!

Play "That's my gift!"